8 Things About Life Every Spiritual Person Should Learn Before Determining Their Purpose

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Thinking about your life’s purpose is daunting.

Unfortunately, that’s not always pleasant.

We had an important topic to discuss — my future career.

But as we sat eating a hard-earned meal, he had one simple question for me: What’s next?

I shared that my passion involves helping others learn more about themselves and doing so in a deep and impactful manner that, if they’re bought in, can completely change their lives.

All I need in life is to live close to that truth.

One thing that will make me happy is to share my voice with the world.

That challenge — of helping others discover and share their truth while engaging in that same process myself — is worthy of this lifetime.

My hope is that you can be intentional about finding your calling.

1. Everything is connected. Yes, everything.

2. Authenticity creates presence, confidence, and influence.

3. Trust is fundamental to your relationship with yourself and others.

4. Love, not time, heals all wounds.

5. Balance creates harmony and deepens fulfillment.

6. Freedom requires responsibility for your actions.

7. Seeking happiness prevents its attainment.

8. Quick fixes don’t provide lasting results.

Don’t get caught living a life of quick fixes, unhappiness, and consumerism.

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