Read this article to understand which type of cofounder coaching program is right for your founding team.

Cofounder coaching is an emerging category of services empowering cofounders to improve communication, teamwork, and execution. However, each coach has a unique approach and method, meaning cofounder coaching can take many forms.

As a founder, it can be difficult and time consuming to find the right coach for your situation.

Cofounder coaching is a growing category of services helping cofounders improve communication, teamwork, and execution.

Most founders considering this resource may not understand key differences between cofounder coaches and instead rely on their intuition to inform which provider they select, leading to wasted time, money, and effort.

Read the list…

This guide will help you select the perfect cofounder coach for you and your business partners.

Cofounder coaching is a growing category of services helping cofounders improve communication, teamwork, and execution.

As an emerging category, there is no unitary set of standards defining the practices and competencies of cofounder coaching, meaning there is high variance between providers. The burden of finding a competent coach, then, falls…

Prioritizing your business relationship through cofounder therapy must start with an honest conversation about the state of your partnership.

Cofounder coaching is a speciality service focused on improving cofounder conflict navigation.

These coaching sessions improve communication, teamwork, and decision-making for startup cofounders as their relationship evolves alongside their business. And while many founders are open to the idea of meeting with a qualified coach or therapist to mediate important…

Read this to better understand cofounder therapy and how it is different than couple’s therapy.

As cofounder therapy continues to grow as a category, several emerging misconceptions among providers and potential clients leads to confusion about these services. If these common myths are left unchecked they will prevent founders from accessing support and deteriorate the quality of care they receive.

To add clarity and improve…

Cofounder therapy often reveals subtle expectations contributing to dysfunction among startup cofounders.

Cofounder partnerships are difficult, complex relationships.

Facing unique pressures to achieve exponential growth, cofounders often rely on one another for support to weather the storm. But this added reliance leads to displacement — placing your scaling-related frustrations onto your partner — and recurring arguments that erode trust and amplify the…

An unspoken story of loss and a misguided attempt at healing

Founders are rockstars of the modern era, and everyone wants a piece of the action. From musicians to professional athletes and high school students, the pursuit of entrepreneurial success and large payouts allures a vast segment of the population. But one aspect of hustle culture remains under-discussed yet influences the…

Improving your communication and teamwork should be the top priority for your startup.

Cofounder therapy is an emerging category nested between traditional couple’s counseling and high-performance executive coaching. It addresses a primary need within every startup: Improving the communication, teamwork, and alignment between the founders.

While most founders working to build their company into a successful business benefit from working with a startup…

Learning these small tricks can go a long way to helping business owners improve their conversations and get back on the same page.

Business relationships are challenging and often complicated due to the personal / professional intersection.

Whether your work relationships turn personal or your personal relationships turn professional, both are riddled with complexities that lead most partners into recurring disagreements.

Previous research shows 65% of high-growth startups fail due to cofounder-related issues…

Why small business owners benefit from relationship counseling

Couple’s therapy for business partners is the easiest way to preserve your company’s most important relationship.

Previous research shows 65% of high-growth startups fail due to cofounder-related issues, and disagreements among business associates likely contributes to far higher numbers of stress, burnout, and work-related frustration.

As a psychologist specializing in…

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