Why Ambitious Leaders Need Time Away From Work (To Avoid Emotional Disconnection And Build Healthier Relationships)

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Ambitious leaders often get caught in a vicious daily routine.

It’s kind of like drinking from a hose.

The problem with achieving success, is that even when your body tells you to stop — that you’ve had enough water or need to take a breath — you feel the need to continue drinking.

That’s not healthy.

If you view every relationship through the lens of a transactional analysis, like cost/benefit, you are over thinking and under feeling.

Each debate followed a similar course:

He had an absent father.

He has unaddressed childhood trauma related to abuse he experienced and witnessed, and an irrational, dependent mother.

The problem with an over-reliance on thinking and intellect is that it reduces experiences.

This separation between feeling and thinking generates unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

So, what can you do?

When your mind is disconnected from the rest of your being, you minimize your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Nature is sacred.

You stop perceiving the requests of friends and family members as items on your to-do list and start understanding what they really are — a desire for connection.

When you encounter that kind of wisdom, serenity, and peacefulness it grounds you and helps you reconnect with parts of yourself that have been left behind in your pursuit of success.

Nature helps you do that.

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