Why You’re F*cking Miserable

And how to descend into your emotional darkness to discover authentic hope

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Have you ever been in such a depth of emotional pain that you felt hopeless?

Perhaps your pain ignited after discovering your partner’s affair.

The dark caves of your soul offer immense potential for growth.

Western culture views symptoms as problems to be eliminated.

Symptoms are messages to be understood.

To better understand the course of your suffering, watch the 2000 Tom Hanks movie, The Cast Away.

Cast Away offers the perfect metaphor to understand your suffering.

Read my detailed psychological interpretation of the movie to better understand:

The One-sided Approach to Life

This intense, pressurized way of being demonstrates that Chuck has uneven psychological development.

Chuck’s one-sided orientation to life is demonstrated several times.

This demonstrates Chuck’s inability to tolerate emotional discomfort.

This is a trap many people fall into.

In the movie, there are two symbols conveying Chuck’s lack of balance.

One is his cavity.

Chuck’s pager is the second symbol that demonstrates his psychological imbalance.

Understanding your imbalance is the key to comprehending your suffering.

The Descent into Emotional Darkness — Part I

1. Chuck’s anxiety increases the longer he is in the air.

2. Chuck’s entire worldview becomes disoriented.

3. He is surrounded by huge waves, fire, and a lightning storm.

This is what happens when you get in touch with deep suffering.

I often tell clients that their ego is like a boat floating on the ocean of their unconscious mind.

Your unconscious is relativizing your ego.

The Descent into Emotional Darkness — Part II

These efforts are externally focused.

In unfamiliar territory, Chuck is afraid.

Notice that it was not through ego effort that Chuck opened the coconut.

You cannot think yourself out of your suffering!

It demands that you fight to survive the unknown.

Chuck’s coconut experience marks a transition.

Death of the old makes room for the new.

In order to grow, you must do the same!

The Descent into Emotional Darkness — Part III

Symbolically, Chuck lost all hope.

You must lose hope.

The Liminal Experience

He severely injures his hand.

In this moment, Chuck shifted from looking outside of himself to looking within to fulfill his emotional needs.

Chuck’s toxic internal patterns remain.

Four years pass!

The Ascent from Suffering

His psyche has been realigned and rebalanced.

Chuck discovers a porta-potty lid.

In that moment, Chuck re-discovers his hope!

Chuck’s old patterns arise in new light.

That’s how dark his suffering became.

Leaving the Island.

He releases the sail at the precise moment needed and successfully escapes!

Now he has to enter uncharted water, unfamiliar territory, yet again.

Transcendent Wholeness

Chuck is confronted by a difficult situation.

The transcendent function emerges when holding the tension of the opposites.

To recap:

The Resolution

Chuck apologizes that he wasn’t around when Mary died.

He meets his ex-fiancé, Kelly.

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